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  2. "I read in order to write. I read out of obsession with writing."
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    words by chris kraus, photo by me

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    sophia katz wrote the book ‘the title of this book is an inside joke’, which will be published by ‘sad girl house’ in february

    she lives in toronto

    you can read her writing here, here, & here

    here are my favorite take-aways from her responses:

    'i find that my work & also the work of my peers treads the very fine line between sincerity & embellishment all the time'

    'i don't know if anyone “should” know or care about anything [..] i feel like existing on this earth is stressful enough without one extra person telling you what you “should” know or care about.'

    'the internet has assisted me in probably 99% of my professional & personal interactions that i've ever had.'

    'be until you can't anymore, i guess'

    'i think i'd be lying if i said that there was any real process to writing this book.'

  5. ohwelloneirataxia:

    "COWBOY COFFEE" by Sarah Vandervennet via Electric Cereal




    I brought a huge bottle
    of bleach back from Detroit
    to my parents’ house. I didn’t
    know what to do with it. I was scared
    to throw it out. Here, take this.
    Hold a hole-puncher up to my ear.
    The wild twinge of whispered
    thank yous. Writing ‘im sorry’
    on top of ‘thank you’.
    This is my overlapping alphabet.
    Like turning your head at
    the sound of yr old name. It’s
    okay, I don’t understand me.
    tap to edit

    rachel hyman and dakota parobek on electric cereal today :) 


  7. daisy-scum:


    rly into mom poems lately/this is like a month old


  8. what i learned in high school
    by Catch Business

    afraid of making a mistake
    able to
    always will
    take pictures & post them
    after deliberate deleting

    i ran out of things to think
    so i focused on typos and just trying
    tags as typos on every wall

    heating it up
    too soon to
    dish it out

    i can keep up
    without studying

    no more
    sitting and staring
    at a screen

    i think we need to get together
    wherever we can
    look at each other
    close enough to see
    the sweat

    we’re too many degrees apart and
    too many disagree to make this decision
    for us
    so simple math may not solve anything

    Catch Business is a person and a poet living in Oakland, CA. Her work has been published in The Bohemyth and 22nd Century Literature. Follow her on Tumbler and Twitter.

    She has three poems in Electric Cereal.



  9. ceiling white by Catch Business


    if it’s possible to help

    and still do nothing

    why read the news

    throw away

    memories and associations

    not soft enough

    to hold on to when we can’t sleep

    but maybe i am

    people care about the person you are with

    tell yourself that and you will care about

    the person you are with


    until it doesn’t matter nothing’s changed

    but we aren’t the same

  10. look at the park, it’s creepy nice
    by Ryan Bry

    look at the park, it’s creepy nice

    the grasses are dangerously mobile
    the stereo twists my knee under
    why would you do that
    the fountains are fixed

    are we going to dinner?

    i can see
    vitamin mold mountain
    make me sad
    and understanding

    can i wear a jacket?

    you look half-health
    you videogame hero
    please defeat me
    make me nice

    why haven’t you been crying?
    even my nail-filers cry

    will they have free parking

    Ryan Bry lives in St. Louis. He can be found on Twitter. He has three pieces in Electric Cereal.


  11. Mosquito Bites
    by Rachel E. Balla

    i’m wearing my banged up, bruised up,
    mosquito bitten legs and a pair of grass stained shorts
    my elbow’s bleeding, i’m not wearing a bandaid
    it seems cute to be tough and not feel anything.
    there is a 600mg hydrocodone-ibuprofen in my dresser,
    about a gram of weed and some extra strength melatonin.
    a particularly good cloud catches my eye
    it looks like the one we couldn’t think of a name for
    that time we were walking home from Taco Bell.
    i think that cloud is having an identity crisis,
    people keep saying it is so many different things at once
    all it’s ever wanted was to be part of a rainstorm
    maybe rub up against another beautiful cloud
    and make thundering and lightning sounds.

    Rachel E. Balla is a multidisciplinary artist from Philadelphia, PA focusing on photography and creative writing. She can be found on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

    She has five poems in Electric Cereal.



  12. rballa:

    Totally bonded with my coworkers today.
    We shit talked that other coworker that we all hate.
    He was actually cool with me but i laughed because i like being accepted.
    The dude was just fired for giving free food to his girlfriend,
    If i had a cute asian girlfriend i’d probably give her free food too but, ya know, that’s not professional,
    (neither is writing an upside cross as the “t” on our tips jar)
    Im a professional loser punk who hails the dark lord on a semi regular basis.
    Im the girl who brings a homemade fruit smoothie to work every shift.
    There are metal studs on my backpack and i put them on myself !

    DIY stuff is cool.

    Writing poetry in a smoky bar is cool.

    Counting all the cash in your wallet nd finding it amounts to exactly $69 is cool.

    Haha, youre cool too.


  13. rballa:

    A powerful telescope pointed at a few cute stars,
    reveals asterisms that resemble birds of flight,
    I am in awe that such an open space exists to surround us,
    that planets move much faster than I can run,
    & that the earth is spinning,
    even though the crescent moon looks still,
    & vibrant shining through the trees.


  14. Sweaty Sea Salt Bodies


    Woke up today and filled the bathtub with warm water
    just in case you wanted to have a pool party later.
    I’ve got bath salts. It doesn’t make the water pink
    or anything fancy like that
    but I’m in the tub right now and it smells like Tea Tree
    which is the best scent for soaps.
    There’s steam coming from the hot bath water,
    I’m listening to ambient music on Spotify and sinking underwater.
    I am barely hearing anything besides water flooding into my ears
    and whatever today’s mantra is


  15. ana-cecilia-alvarez:

     I am an enemy
    of change, as
    you know. All
    the things I
    embrace as new
    are in
    fact old things,
    re-released: swimming,
    the sensation of
    being dirty in
    body and mind
    summer as a
    time to do
    nothing and make
    no money. Prayer
    as a last re-
    sort. Pleasure
    as a means,
    and then a
    means again
    with no ends
    in sight. I am
    absolutely in opposition
    to all kinds of
    goals. I have
    no desire to know 
    where this, anything
    is getting me

    eileen, peanut butter, recommended by tash